Our Programmes

We have a number of programmes as outlined below:

The Neema Health Educational and Empowerment Program was started in 2010. It was initiated out of a need to address issues of improving the well-being of members of our communities. Issues of health are a constant concern and our directors – being in the health profession – felt there was a need to address them at the community level, initially by offering free medical camps to communities. Poverty reduction is also an objective of our organization, whereby we offer microfinance services to our communities.

Malaria is a serious challenge in the communities where Neema HEEP carries out the microfinance empowerment programme. In line with our mandate of health intervention we rolled out a mosquito net distribution programme to our clients starting September 2013. Our intention is that all our clients in mosquito infested areas should sleep under an insecticide treated mosquito net. This will prevent them from contracting malaria, a killer disease which has also contributed greatly in slowing down economic growth in these households.