Mosquito Net Distribution Programme

Malaria is a serious challenge in the communities where Neema HEEP carries out the microfinance empowerment programme. In line with our mandate of health intervention we rolled out a mosquito net distribution programme to our clients starting September 2013.
Our intention is that all our clients in mosquito infested areas should sleep under an insecticide treated mosquito net. This will prevent them from contracting malaria, a killer disease which has also contributed greatly in slowing down economic growth in these households. Money meant for the families medical bills and drugs will now be used for economic empowerment. The time spent queuing in dispensaries and health centres for treatment will now be diverted to engaging in income generating activities.

Neema HEEP intends to distribute about 1000 insecticide treated mosquito nets by the end of 2014. In our initial phase of the nets distribution we have distributed 100 nets, mainly to expectant mothers and those with children under 5 years of age.

On Saturday 20th June 2015, we held a medical camp in an area called Kamatumu in Mwingi. We treated 273 patients and were able to distribute 100 insecticide treated mosquito nets. The photos show the medical staff distributing the nets to the patients.

Recently, a team of well-wishers from Scotland visited Neema HEEP microfinance groups and participated in distribution of insecticide treated mosquito nets. This is in line with our mission of improving the health of our clients to facilitate them to do better business. We were able to distribute a total of 60 nets to our groups.

We had another round of distributing mosquito nets to the Neema HEEP microfinance clients during the El Nino rains. 100 families received the precious nets to protect them from the many mosquitoes that bred during the season. This saves them many man hours and money that would otherwise be spent at the health facility.

The Neema HEEP Mosquito Distribution Programme had another campaign in June 2016. We are distributing 200 insecticide treated mosquito nets to our clients. This has coincided with the June rains which are bound to increase the number of mosquitoes in the region. Thanks to the nets many families can now breath a sigh of relief as they sleep under the safety of mosquito nets.

Below are the photos for the June Campaign.

The ACK Diocese of Embu conducted a free medical camp at Kagumori Primary School, whereby Neema Heep was able to distribute 20 mosquito nets. There were about 350 people who came seeking medical attention and we were able to donate the nets mainly to the elderly and the children. You can see the smiles on their faces from the photos below.


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